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 President Obama Security Reasons for Disowning IPhone

15 Dec 2013

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Find Law Answers, Barack Obama: President Obama Security Reasons for Disowning IPhone

Even though the age of black berry smartphone has come to its end, this smartphone still has one loyal follower and he have quite influence in one country. Yes, the loyal follower of black berry smartphone is none other than president Obama himself. As US presidents, this choice may look odd for average people however Obama has his own reasons for not using the IPhones. Yes, Obama reasons for not using Apple IPhones is basically due to security reasons. So, what is the real meaning of this security reasons Obama are talking about? The answer will be described in the next paragraph.

Obama security reasons to not using IPhones created by the famous developer Apple is because Apple is one of the developers or company that are connected to National Security Agency or NSA in shorts. Apple is one of the companies that allow NSA to easily access server database about personal data of their customer. These kinds of activity is quite odd because this means NSA have privilege and access to know the user of the IPhones personal data and even their activity by monitoring the Apple IPhones server system. NSA activity is quite disturbing and can be considered as an attack to customer private territory. This means, people who are using IPhones will have no privacy because Apple let NSA to know about their Privacy using the IPhones. (more…)


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 Microbiologist Try to Poison Her Husband Lovers

11 Nov 2013

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Find Law Answers, Jealousy: Microbiologist Try to Poison Her Husband Lovers

If you love to watch various serial televisions about murder and detective such as CSI and other criminal case then you may hear about some case in that serial television that involves some microbiologist that kill the victim using dangerous poison. That case has been resurfacing into the real world. This time the suspect is a microbiologist from Pennsylvania. She is suspected to have some motive in poisoning her husband lover. This is maybe an act of vengeance and jealousy because her husband cheats from her. In the first sight, this case may look like some of the famous detective case in your favorite television. However, the suspect really inspired from some of the television series.

The Case is quite complex. Some of the expert tries to conclude the reason of and evidence that can uncover the true motives of the suspect. Some of the hypothesis emerges from this case. The emerging hypothesis ranges from the gay marriage and even poison or drugs owning rights. Therefore, many people try to conclude it in order to make it simpler. The law in US states that some of the people are illegalized to bring deadly substances and poison into their daily life. However, some of people who have rights can bring it without any problem. (more…)


Tags: kill the victim dangerous poison microbiologist CSI true motives legal rights law in US jealousy dangerous substance vengeance

 Solution for Your Illegal Income Tax

01 Oct 2013

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Find Law Answers, Taxes Estimate: Solution for Your Illegal Income Tax

This matter; the taxation for your illegal income really is controversial. Many people have discussed before but well, the answers really are varied. It is just so surprising that many of them are interested in discussing this illegal income tax matter. So, here is some of the opinions. You will have to report your illegal activities and also the income from it to IRS, that’s the requirement from the congress. Illegal activity example is such as a drug trading or else.

By reporting the income of your illegal activity you are also revealing that you are doing an illegal activity, aren’t you? Then, the next question will be; is this matter violates the fifth amendment? If not, so why it is not? Well yes, this matter does not violates the fifth amendment fortunately. By this case you can claim the privilege of the fifth amendment for particular specific entries back to you. You can do it as you have a certain reason on your disclosure which later informs you the risk you will get as it was a criminal activity. Thus, you can change your activity description to a more general one which will not show it as an illegal activity. (more…)


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 Several Things You Need to Know Regarding Big Law

09 Sep 2013

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Firm Life, Law Companies: Several Things You Need to Know Regarding Big Law

If you are going to work in some big law companies then you need to prepare yourself for some of these things. Yes, you need to prepare yourself because it will be very difficult and tasking if you do not know the main things you should know by working in some big law companies. The first thing you must know when you are going to work in Big Law Company is you need to be flexible, versatile and open. As a worker you need to be prepared of everything. It is common to see in some big law companies that people will get several jobs at their resting time. As a professional it is your job to complete the job even though it is in the middle of your rest.

The other things you need to know in your first year as a Big Law Company worker is you will have very little time to make contact with your client. Due to this problem you will need to be very flexible with your time. You will need to make contact with your client through internet connection in order to give response to the client. At first it will be very difficult because meeting in real life have more advantages in the terms of comprehension. However, over time you will get the hang of it. (more…)


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 Several Lesson for new Attorney

05 Aug 2013

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Greedy Associates, Become A Professional Attorney That: Several Lesson for new Attorney

Becoming an attorney is a difficult task to do. We need to become a resourceful person that can analyze many situations and condition. You will need to be a brave person that can handle any kinds of obstacle. Of course, you can be a good attorney that can cover many kinds of problems that resurface in the media or public as long as you try your best to understand a situation and how to counteract it. Here are several lessons for new attorney, so they can reach their dream become a good and reliable attorney for their clients.

The first thing a beginner attorney needs to have in their minds is a principle. Yes, you need to have decisive minds. This means you need to think that there are no obstacles that can surpass you or make you fail. By believing in this principle you will never be confused by other person’s idealism. By having this principle in your minds you will be more motivated in your career as an attorney. Second, you need to be professional. In this part you need to consider yourself to become a professional attorney that does not talk about politics and religions at works. (more…)


Tags: professional attorney become a professional attorney analyze many condition working as an attorney career as an attorney Attorney with good behavior good attorney politics religions several lessons for new attorney

 Some Hobbies of Student on Law School

07 Jul 2013

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Law School, Law School: Some Hobbies of Student on Law School

Hobby is a way to do something that we like. Through hobby, we can get some fun and express our talents. If we focus on our hobby, it can be useful and bring some money in the future. Therefore, we should not underestimate one’s hobby. However, some law schools see that the teenager’s hobby is rebellious and dangerous. To prevent it, they make a law to organize what students do. This prevents many students to do their hobby in school. There are some fun times when we do our hobby in law school. Although it sounds rebellious, it makes us happy. It gives us some good memories before we leave our school

There are some hobbies students always like to do at Law school. They always write or read something at school. As a student, they can write anything and share about their mind through a media like college newspaper. The main thing is that you always want to share your rebellious feeling. As a teenager, their spirit is always on fire. They watch some TV shows about lawyer, which show some lawyer life that is interesting and challenging. However, the real lawyer life is just like other employees, coming with boring things. Even it is risky and dangerous, they will feel happy and adrenaline rushes, because of that activity. They also share something with friends and do a debate about something happened at that time. Those things make students more critical. (more…)


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